Mount Dora Lawn Bowling Club

"A day to learn, a lifetime to master"


Our club has three types of membership: Active, Associate, and Honorary (lifetime) membership. 
  • All members agree to abide to the rules and regulations of the Club as stated in the directory.
  • The membership year is the calendar year. Applications for membership must be presented to the Membership Committee prior to the end of each calendar year, including one year's dues and an initiation fee during a member's first year. Annual dues may be prorated for new mid-year applicants. Contact the Club for current dues and initiation fee.
  • All membership types may participate in all social events.  Spouses of Active Members must become Active or Associate Members in order to attend social events.


  • May participate in all bowling activities.
  • May vote and/or hold an elective office.
  • Must qualify for bowling either by taking the required two-week course or by transferring from another club.


  • At least 75 years old.
  • Paid dues for 20 years.
  • Lifetime members are recommended to and approved by the voting members.


  • May participate in any and all activities and social events except for bowling and voting.
  • Must be a partner of an Active Member, or previously Active Member who has been granted Associate Membership.
The annual dues include all the pill bowling fees, taxes, Bowls USA and Southeast Division dues, and Social Activities and Events except for the Annual Banquet.