Mount Dora Lawn Bowling Club

"A day to learn, a lifetime to master"


In the beginning...

Willard M. Bryant, a dairy manager in Hartford, Connecticut and next door neighbor Fred S. Thompson, a mechanical engineer, took vacations together with their families in St. Petersburg, Florida. It was there in the early 1920's they discovered and learned to like lawn bowling. In 1923 they visited friends in Mount Dora and thereafter came to winter in Mount Dora every year. In 1925, the Bryants and Thompsons came to the town again and during a game of golf the two decided to make an effort to establish a lawn bowling facility. The two gentlemen went before the town council arguing that the sport would attract winter visitors thereby helping local stores, hotels, banks and other businesses.

The Mount Dora Town Council approved and Charles Edgerton suggested that the lawn bowling facility be located at the south end of Donnelly Street at Lake Dora. Three lawn bowling rinks were constructed where rinks 1 and 2 are located today and were completed in early 1928.

On April 7, 1928, 20 potential lawn bowlers organized as the Mount Dora Lawn Bowling Club elected Willard Bryant as president and Fred Thompson as vice-president. The new rinks were dedicated on April 13, 1928 as members of the new club celebrated the day with a match with 35 bowlers from Orlando.

From this modest beginning our club has grown to become the largest USLBA affiliated club in the United States with over 275 members.