Mount Dora Lawn Bowling Club

"A day to learn, a lifetime to master"

Bowling Glossary

As the lead, you expertly place the mat at the nail and roll the jack past the hog line to your skip's feet. You center the jack and pick up your first bowl. The skip indicates whether you should roll a forehand or backhand.

You step to the mat, check the ring and emblem on your bowl so that the smaller one is facing up, find your line, aim at your target, bend down, then carefully step forward, keeping one foot on the mat. You extend your arm behind you and bring it forward in a pendulum delivery. The bowl glides effortlessly out of your hand and rolls with just the right grass. You watch the graceful arc of the bowl's bias down the rink.

Your bowl slows ever more, and with the perfect weight it gently comes to rest against the jack. Your skip is very pleased with your score, indeed.